Overseas Italian Registration (AIRE)

The registration to AIRE is free and can only be requested through the FAST IT portal, after registration of the user in the system.
Accepted residency proof are:
1) Utility bill (electricity, gas, water, etc.) not less  than three months old.
2) Coucil tax no earlier than one year
3) Bank statement not less than three months old
4) Registration by BHS doctor not less than three months old.
5) NIN confirmation letter not less than three months old.
6) Official letter from a British body (Job Centre,HMRC, etc.) not less than three months old.
7) Letter of confirmation of attendance of the University not less than three months old.
The proof of residence must have the name and address of those affected in the header.
If you do not have at least one of the above proofs, you will not be able to register with  AIRE (under the
D.L.223/2012 the submission of such evidence is mandatory.)
How do I know if my request to AIRE has been received?
If the application to join the AIRE was successfully made online,
At the end of the procedure, you will see an automatic thank you message with an identification number.
If the request has been sent by mail (Special Delivery) you will be able to verify the delivery on the official website of the Royal mail.